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eXerK was set up to share the joy of getting outdoors and active, which we believe is the most valuable tool we have to solve many of our modern day problems. Health, happiness, social interaction and looking after our planet can all be helped by taking a breath of fresh air and striding out. Exploring your surroundings - be it The Barbican, Hampstead Heath, Snowdonia or the Alps - by using your own power can brighten up your day, week and year. 

I work with established adventure and fitness companies to grow their business and reduce their to-do lists by helping select and bitesize the goals that matter to their success.

All this started in 2015 with a super fun year taking on 52 sporting challenges in 52 weeks during my last year working in banking. Since then I have dedicated by time to being outdoors and active, working with Impact Marathon Series, continuing my writing for the Evening Standard Online and Red Bull and helping steamline companies focused on getting people outdoors and active. 

I use a collection of finance, operations and marketing knowledge, combined with my love of sporting challenges to help awesome adventure companies solve their problems, set their goals and optimise their business to shine even brighter. 

Consulting for adventure and community sport businesses

Are you working hard to put together awesome experiences so people can try something new in the adventure/ fitness space?

Struggling with time management, wanting help with business strategy, getting frustrated with accessing your audience or confused by social media?

Wing me an e-mail today and we can chat to if I can help find the solutions to your problems. 

Writing – journalist and copywriter

I have had been a fitness columnist at the Evening Standard Online since September 2015, also write for Red Bull and the Huffington Post regularly. I also love magicking up content for websites, press releases and blogs.  

Whether you're a PR company or brand looking for coverage, or a company looking for copy, please e-mail me so we can see what you need. 

For more on what I write when I write, click through for my writing portfolio.

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