When things heat up and life gets too busy, fitness is the first thing to go.

eXerK was set up to buck this trend. With the underlying philosophy of making time for the things we care about, exercise and work (...eXerK...) sparked the launch of the project. 

At the beginning of 2015, I (Annie) set out to complete 52 sporting challenges in 52 weeks alongside my full time banking job. The challenges were a bid to get busy people active and were open for anyone to join me on. 

New and exciting doors opened and I now find myself out of banking and into social impact marathons and adventure travel journalism! A life less ordinary that is for sure. 

Where it all started

Check out every one of the 52in52 - complete with guidelines to get out and do the challenges yourself

Where it’s at now

Check out Impact Marathon Series for more on our volunteer and run events in Nepal (Nov) Colombia (Feb), Malawi (Jun) and Guatemala (Sep)