When things heat up and life gets too busy, fitness is the first thing to go.

eXerK has been set up to buck this trend.

I (Annie) started out on this mission by completing 52 sporting challenges in 52 weeks during 2015. Alongside my full time job in finance, it was a true test of endurance, and with over 450 people joining me, of organisation too.

This 2 minute video sums up the awesome (and slightly hectic) year:

In 2016, I've changed career, creating space to explore. Have shifted to sharing through writing and public speaking as well as helping others organise sporting events with Impact Marathon Series in Colombia and Nepal.  

I'll be sharing updates through my social media channels so do follow: I: @eXerKyourself ; T: @eXerKyourself; F: @eXerK

Live TV interview summing up eXerK in 3 minutes

Sported’s team 52in52

Sported, the sports community charity, on seeing my justgiving page go up, linked up with the eXerK challenges to get active themselves. They completed an amazing team 52in52 together! Check out their challenges.

So proud of them. Please help me fundraise for the local sports clubs they support