Fly by July – the monthly 52in52 recap

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Contrary to what I would have thought, I’m finding that cramming your life full to the brim doesn’t mean time flies by too quickly. The last seven months have felt exactly as seven months should; lots of happy memories, achievements and learning (not always the easy way).
Having said that, standalone, I don't know where July has gone. It's certainly been a memorable month, mostly thanks to completing my first ever triathlons.
A heady mix of splashing, spinning and slogging your way over a finish line marked by a blow-up arch, triathlons are not glamourous. But they are gratifying. I'm hooked. 

I somehow finished the two I had put myself forward for, both hilly and spectacularly scenic, in exactly the same time to the minute!
The Welsh Llandudno coast (1.5k swim, 40k cycle and 10k run) paired off nicely with the Alpe d’Huez altitude (1.2k swim, 30k cycle up 21 mountain switchbacks and 7k run at 2000m above sea level). There was some progress as my legs handled the run a lot better take 2, versus the pain in Llandudno’s 10k. Very happy with my choices.
As another challenge, I treated myself to a mountain run up to the top of Ben Lomond, a place special to my family. Beyond the views of the 71km sq expanse of Loch Lomond, the run was particularly unforgettable for being so ferociously windy.

More of a challenge I hear you say. Well yes, but my ability to run was somewhatscuppered by having to hold onto rocks to keep me from flying off the summit.

Definitely going to find more trail runs before this year is out. Scafell Pike, New Forest, Hadrian’s Wall, South Downs Way? All places I'd like to go to. 
When are you next going away? Why not take your trainers and/or look into bike rental? Human powering your sightseeing is a great way to be on the ground exploring the real street level culture. Let me know if you try it. 

Closing tally as of today is 30 complete of the 52in52. Have three in the next ten days so going to be manic! 

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