September summary

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Just in the nick of time, before I owe you October's challenge updates, here's the eXerK September run down. It involves links to city friendly fitness, active holidays, mud, diddy kong and a fun video. Here goes....

In non-challenge happenings, I gave my first talk on the 52in52 challenges and started writing a weekly fitness column for Evening Standard Online. Exciting stuff right?!  

The first four are up and doing well:

  1. 5 innovative London fitness groups that will shake up your exercise routine
  2. 4 steps to overcoming your obstacles
  3. Don't take the lift! How to get fit using the stairs
  4. 15 ways to make your workout an adventure

Ideas for articles and recommendations for talks are more than welcome. They are published online every Tuesday.

In terms of challenges, I had a running heavy month. On a family holiday, I pranced along the coastal path in South France. Alone. The rest of my family were cleverly installed on the beach. I covered 52km over the 4 days, loving the amazingly varied terrain and scenery - check out the 2min video at the bottom of this email for proof.

Do you normally incorporate physical activity into your travels? It’s a great way to relax, explore and get some headspace. If you’re planning your holidays, happy to help guide you as to what you can do to get active abroad – wing me an email.

I carried on the travel trend, heading out to Copenhagen with a few friends to eat, drink and pootle around on super comfy sit-up-and-beg bikes (why do we use road bikes in London?!). We – needless to say – took on an eXerK challenge, running the Copenhagen half marathon.
In all honesty, while I am a big fan of active travel, I don’t think I’ll sign up for a city break race again. Whilst others love them, city races don’t do it for me. There is nothing better than human powering your sightseeing, but mass scale races involve a lot of admin, detracting from relaxing exploring time.

The last weekend of September, a few of us took on the 12 mile, 29 obstacle Tough Mudder. If you want to know what obstacle course events are like, and whether you could do one (you could), head to my earlier post.
Diddy_Kong_RacingAll in all a pretty cool month and another turning point. I feel like things clicked back into place, whilst simultaneously (and calmly) stepping onto one of those bonus point accelerators in Diddy Kong Racing. Looks like I have an invincibility bubble to protect me too!

As of today I am 43 challenges in, with 9 to go. The ones for you to focus on are the:


You in?

Movember have started incorporating Movement into their campaign for men’s health awareness and fundraising so you could count the eXerK challenge movement towards that?

Stay active (obviously), and here's the coastal path video,