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Morning morning people,

Stand-up, shrug your shoulders, inhale, exhale, arms up, lean left, lean right, smile. Feeling better?

If not, I know a sure fire way to get you pumped about life. Evening talks about fun stuff.

The talks aren’t just talks. They’re hubs for ideas to fly, dreams to soar and positive human connections to lift off. At the beginning of December, my ES Online fitness column featured a selection of top adventure evening & weekend events.

Here’s a little reminder, plus a few extras, of the events that are coming up in the next few months…you’ll notice I’m popping along to most of them…I can’t get enough of this stuff!

In chronological order:

  1. SayYesMore Night of Adventure & Inspiration – Tonight 19th January!! In Holborn (I’ll be there)
  2. Adventure Travel Show – 23rd & 24th January at Kensington Olympia (I’ll be there on Saturday for a last minute fix before I fly off to Patagonia for my own holiday adventure)
  3. Adventure Travel Film Club – 27th January near Piccadilly (I won’t be there as I’ll be in Patagonia!!) – They are showing my eXerK (very) short movie on 30th March – get your tickets
  4. Telegraph Outdoor Adventure Show – 11th -14th February at Excel (I’ll most likely be there on Saturday…depends if I caught my flight back from Patagonia or not…)
  5. Night of Adventure – 15th March near Russell Square (I’ll be there)
  6. Banff Mountain Film Festival – 8th – 19th March in Islington (I’ll be there 9th and 17th March)

If you’re interested in the original article, and the others I have put together for the column, have a snoop around – there are lots of meaty activities for you to sink your teeth into (halloumi option too).

The articles go up every Tuesday. The one being published later today is an awesome account of 10 wild and wonderful adventures that regular (but special) human beings are stepping up to this year.

Keep your eyes peeled – I’ll post it on the eXerK Facebook and @eXerKyourself twitter thing.

Hope to see you at one of the above events.

And one more time: Stand-up, shrug your shoulders, inhale, exhale, arms up, lean left, lean right, smile.

Top of the morning to ya

(still hyper) Annie


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