The challenges are complete and the eXerK NYE dance mashup is up and ready!

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A couple of weeks late in getting this out to you but, with the 52nd on New Year's Eve, 52 weeks after the start date, I completed my 52 sporting challenges. What a year! The final dance challenge mash up is down below at the end of the email.

Imagine if I hadn't trapped that fleeting (somewhat crazy) idea as it whizzed through my mind one sleepless night. Just imagine! The diversity of sports, the breadth of experience and the variety of people I got to spend time with were all incredible and beyond my wildest imagination.

Though I teetered on the brink of burn out and picked up several little injuries along the way, I was always going to complete my goal one way or another - thanks to you - I loved dreaming up, planning and sharing the challenges with you all.

Thank you so much for your support and for joining in. Just under 600 extra challenges were carried out by you guys! How cool is that?! I got busy people active - yoop.

In terms of future plans, as you might imagine, I am catching my breath before thinking about what next.

In the mean time:
The challenges are all up on, ready for you to go and try out for yourselves. All my writing is up there too with lots of fun ideas.

Please do share and follow the joy - InstagramTwitterFacebook - take your pick...!

Most importantly, though watch the final challenge mash up of the final challenge – the eXerK New Year’s Eve dance.

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