Fall 10in10 weekday challenge no.1

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Why walkntalk?

The principle of a walkntalk is that you break up your day and enhance meetings with movement, creativity and fresh air.

The quality of dialogue, and how you feel when you get back to your desk are immediate benefits. The amazing long-term effects of walking are known to all by now…right?

Walking good, sitting bad!

What types of meetings can I combine with a walkntalk?

  • Coffee catch-ups
  • Meetings – best if with max three people. Brainstorming or mentoring sessions are particularly suited, as are tricky conversations
  • Phone calls – Plug in your headphones and head out for work calls or those hushed ‘I’m not doing my admin at work’ calls with your gas company

The outcome?

  • Better quality conversation
  • Gentle physical activity that gets your blood flowing and body happy
  • You return to the desk with more energy and ability to focus

But what if?

  • “It’s noisy and hectic out on the street”: knowing the route you’ll take, ideally through a green patch near you, can take the stress out of walking. Share the plan with your walkntalk companion – it saves awkwardly hovering a step behind second-guessing the direction. If it’s a phone call, avoiding wind and ambulance sirens is important for the person on the other end of the phone
  • “It’s raining”: use an umbrella. Share an umbrella. Walk to a covered area, even if you end up sitting once you’re there, at least you’re out of the formality of the office
  • “I’m not wearing comfy shoes”: slip some on for this brief amount of time
  • “I need to be with my email during calls”: if it’s a case of doing two things at once. Forget it. Get out and walk. With your ear plugged into one stream of work and your eyes working on another, you lose efficiency rapidly. Dedicate focused time to each activity and you will be more productive

How do I get involved in this walkntalk / Fall 10in10 thing?

  1. Look at your calendar and choose at least two meetings/ calls you can turn into walkntalks?
  2. Post about your walkntalks on Instagram or Facebook with #Fall10in10
  3. Commit to your health today by signing up to the full Fall 10in10
  4. Get excited about invitations to two special free events. Stay tuned!

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