Last call to sign up to the full 10in10

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Fed up of using your free time to get fit and stay healthy?

Frustrated you never find time in the working day to take a breather?

Has exercise become a chore?

We know that work takes a lot out of you, and that it’s not easy to stick to health goals when you can barely breathe as you're so busy.

That’s why we’re inviting you to the Fall 10in10…to make it easier to prioritise your health in simple steps that slot into your day seamlessly! (Shucks, I love alliteration!)

The problems the 10in10 addresses:

  • Lacking control over your own schedule
  • Annoyed that work clashes with all the cool things you wish you could do
  • Frustrated with failed attempts to stay healthy

Reasons to commit to the 10in10:

  • Tried and tested tips for staying active during the working day
  • Learn how you can break your routine and get away from the desk
  • Discover easy ways to reduce stress and improve productivity

Curious as to how we can simplify your days and help you feel energised throughout the week?

Register your interest right now so you don’t miss the first Fall 10in10 instalment.

We're sending the first challenge out at dawn tomorrow!

Be these people:

Not these:

Join the Fall 10in10 challenger group today to be ready for lift off! 

Annie x