Week #2: Fall 10in10 weekday challenge

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It used to be that we felt naked, lost and confused without our watch, wallet, phonebook or A-Z.

Smart phones solved that problem. They make our lives easier. Immediate access to everything we could ever need; a blue dot to denote our place in this world, interactive diaries that other people can add things to.
The only thing that phones don’t answer is how we can switch off.  
We check our phones inadvertently, sometimes several seconds after we last checked it …dopamine, multi-tasking and boredom all contribute to our addiction.

It is for this reason then that....

This week’s challenge, no.2 of the Fall10in10, is to leave your phone at home for one whole day.

The Scream - Munch

Shock shock horror horror

It’s a controversial one - a real challenge to yourself.

Do you accept? Are we going to do this?

Why leave your phone at home?

  • Create an environment with fewer distractions and greater focus
  • Learn to be at peace with disconnecting (and train others that you may not always be a 3 second message away)
  • Give yourself time and space to let your mind drift

The types of things you can do without a phone:

  • Wander, with your head held high and soak up what’s going on around you
  • Observe and play a part in kindness. Headphones and a phone-in-hand create a distance from your surroundings that make it hard for real life interactions
  • Learn to be happy waiting, enjoying a moment of peace and calm, rather than trying to use up every moment of your day to consume and communicate

Why you can do this even if:

  • Your phone is crucial to your logistics every day plan ahead, jot down where you are going and what time you need to be there. You can use your computer to seek directions, ask passersby the time, delay calendar commitments until tomorrow and use e-mail or landline phones
  • Your phone is your alarm clock – if you can dig out a regular alarm clock, then do. If not, as long as your phone is on airplane mode, use it but as soon as you turn your alarm off, no more engagement with your phone. It stays at home!
  • You need your phone for work – pretend you forgot your phone at home by mistake. They'll forgive you
  • You need to make a phonecall on the go – have key numbers jotted down – you can use a phone booth…I suppose they still work…or make friends with someone and ask if you might be able to place a call on their phone

The phone is not the devil; it has improved our lives in many ways, but we often place an overemphasis of its importance in our day to day lives. 

This is just a day. A day without your phone. You can do it. 

What to do right now:           

  • Have a look at your calendar and work out the least complicated day this week to have a phone-less day (mine is Friday)
  • Plan to turn the phone off (like really off) the evening before, and to only turn it on the morning after. Leave it at home, don’t even carry it with you ‘just in case’ – that goes some way to defeating the point
  • Address all the excuses you have, e-mail me if you can't find a solution and we'll come up with one together
  • If you haven't already: commit to the remaining 9 challenges of the Fall10in10 taking us up to Christmas by adding your details 

Which day have you chosen? Plans in place? 
Here are a couple of articles that might be useful to reference in your preparation to convince yourself this is really important:

Hitting Refresh in the Modern World (written by yours truly)

Smartphone Addiction: Staggering Percentage Of Humans Couldn’t Go One Day Without Their Phone

E-mail me with any obstacles you feel you can't overcome and between us, I'm sure we'll find a way. 

I'm excited! 

If you need me on Friday...it's e-mail only!

Best of luck.

Annie x

P.S. I'm headed to the Adventure Uncovered Live event on Monday 30th October - come with me? Book a ticket today