If I start a band it will be called: Annie + The Dolomites

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Hola! Before I get too swept up in Colombia life (more on that in a couple of weeks), the fruits of my week long trip to the Dolomites are ready. My memories have been converted into tangible, viewable, readable matter: Fun little video of the sights I saw doing the things I do Travel review with the finer details for Evening Standard Online Photo updates on social media Click on the pictures to see the memories with your own eyes. Watch the video   Read the article Last but not least,…read more

The wall crawl – 7 climbing centres in 1 day

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Challenge: A tour of London’s climbing walls by bike. 52 bouldering climbs, 7 climbing centres, 52km cycling, 1 day Details: One of the toughest challenges, starting at 08.45am at the Westway in Fulham, we only finished the final climb just in time for the closing time at the Reach in Greenwich. The wall crawl is a feat in time management and map reading so make sure someone in your group is responsible for time, and perhaps another for map reading. We bouldered rather than climbed at each wall. See the full itinerary below….read more

Bouldering weekend in Fontainebleau

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Challenge: Outdoor bouldering Go eXerK yourself: Head to Fontainebleau, 90km south of Paris (or 45 minute drive from Orly airport). More info on the area can be found on UK Climbing and Climb Europe. The activity: If you’re new to Bouldering, check in at one of London’s climbing centres for an induction. You’ll be amazed at the new muscles you find hurting two days later (in a good way) so worth getting some practice in ahead of what is set to be a great weekend. For more, check out the Basics of Bouldering. Why not peruse…read more


Boulder tunnel

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Challenge: Complete the black tunnel route at The Arch Go eXerK yourself: Choose from the incredible variety of climbing walls around London – pick a route you can’t do and stick with it until you can do it! For what on earth ‘bouldering’ is, check out the Basics of Bouldering. Why not peruse the other climbing related challenges too: Outdoor bouldering  and the Wall Crawl Details: This was a project I worked on for several visits to the centre – building fitness, understanding the route – the first time I fell after the second move, and…read more

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