What to do in Minca in the Sierra Nevada, Colombia?

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Why go to Minca? o Up in the Sierra Nevada mountains 15km behind Santa Marta is Minca, a little village with rivers, waterfalls and jungle. o A cooler climate makes this a fresher place to be than Santa Marta City. It’s a relaxing place loved by backpackers, with a language school, massages, yoga and meditation. What do do in Minca? o Relax, watch the sunset from your hostel (see recommendations below) o Visit Pozo Azul, a couple of swimming holes with little waterfalls a 45 minute walk from Minca pueblo…read more

If I start a band it will be called: Annie + The Dolomites

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Hola! Before I get too swept up in Colombia life (more on that in a couple of weeks), the fruits of my week long trip to the Dolomites are ready. My memories have been converted into tangible, viewable, readable matter: Fun little video of the sights I saw doing the things I do Travel review with the finer details for Evening Standard Online Photo updates on social media Click on the pictures to see the memories with your own eyes. Watch the video   Read the article Last but not least,…read more

Hula hoop challenge

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Challenge: Hula hooping Details: We booked onto a workshop with Marawa and the Majorettes, a touring hula hooping troupe. Their workshops vary depending on the time of year but have a google and see if they are popping up anywhere near you. Wear? Anything – would recommend tighter rather than baggier clothes to smooth the hoops’ journey Cost? £10ish eXerK 52in52 story: A group of us went along to Shoreditch Town Hall for the hour long session. There is skill to hula hooping and not everyone is a natural! We…read more

Tough Mudder obstacle course

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Challenge: London South Tough Mudder Details: A 12 mile obstacle course with 29 obstacles. Where? An hour and a half drive south of London Transport? Car/ train and taxi as the event is in the countryside When? Tough Mudders happen all year round all around the world Bring? Old shoes, ideally trail running ones as there is lots of mud and slipping. Quick drying clothes to wear during the event as you get wet quite often. Experts tend to wear as few clothes as possible for that reason, though I…read more


Rollerblade relay

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Challenge: Rollerblade relay Details: Where did rollerblading go in our lives? Many of us tried it as kids, but haven’t donned tiny little wheels on our feet since then. To bring in a team element, we made this into a relay, not a race, but a team effort to clock up the most number of 1km loops. The competition element disappeared somewhat as most of us were learning as we went but it was still good fun. Where? Anywhere smooth and flat. Kensington Gardens where there are a mix of…read more

Flying trapeze

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  Challenge: Flying trapeze catch Details: At a one-off session or a course, mere mortals can try their hand at flying trapeze in the centre of London. A team of trapeze artists take you through the safety and the steps to swinging on a trapeze bar. Clipped in via a harness, you’re up the ladder, off the platform and swinging before you know it. While a fear of heights will play a part, you will surprise yourself at how much progress you make in the two-hour session. Where? During the…read more

Golf in London

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  Challenge: 9 holes of golf Details: Golf is certainly a sport that requires time and patience to master. That doesn’t mean we non-golfers can’t try it and have some fun though! You can booker taster lessons at most golf ranges/ courses. They can provide clubs so who knows, you may find a new hobby. Where? Greenwich Peninsula Golf Range in Canary Wharf, SE10 0QE to learn/ practice your swing. I payed a round of 9 holes at Central London Golf Centre in Wandsworth, SW17 0AT. Duke Meadows Golf Golf Club in…read more

Dance finale

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Challenge: The grand finale! Dance hard to Uptown Funk to celebrate the end of the 52in52! Details: Widely debated, for the purposes of accessible fitness, dancing is a sport. Where? There are dance schools all around London for all styles of dance (DanceBuzz.co.uk and SwingPatrol.co.uk for example) When? Whenever! Bring? Party clothes Food & drink? Optional Cost? Zero eXerK 52in52 story: Dancing and I have a funny relationship. I am remarkably bashful near anything that resembles a dance floor. If I get wrestled away from the bar, I tend to hide myself in…read more

Lee Valley activities

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  Challenge: Day of activities in the Lee Valley Park Details: Lee Valley is a 26 acre park packed full of awesome sports facilities open to the public. Some have been around for a while; others are a legacy of the Olympics. In the Lee Valley you’ll find: a 1 mile outdoor cycle circuit, an indoor velodrome track, a BMX track, a static bike studio, athletics, hockey, tennis, swimming, diving, white water activities, sailing, fishing, horse riding, golf…really anything and everything! How? Book onto the sessions via the Lee Valley…read more

Everest Stair Challenge

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  Challenge: Scale the height of Mount Everest by stairs Details: The challenge is to scale the sea to summit height of Mount Everest in a month. That’s 8,848, the equivalent of 50,000 vertical steps. You can complete the challenge solo, or put together a team to share the burden. Please refer to the FAQs for tips on the stair challenge. For help tracking your stair count, feel free to make use of my homemade spreadsheet and poster. Where? Anywhere with stairs. Here are London’s accessible stairs I have found so far in London. Transport?…read more

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