What I write about when I write


Writing is proving to be my way of sharing my love of being outdoors and active.

Through my writing I aim to help readers relate to that activity, know whether it’s for them, and feel comfortable with the steps they can take to try it out.

– Evening Standard Online –

Focusing on adventure travel and fitness, I have been a columnist for the Evening Standard Online since September 2015, travelling and writing in the UK, Italy, Sri Lanka, Colombia, Ecuador and Mexico.

See what has been published so far - bet there's something useful for you in there: www.Standard.co.uk/author/AnnieRoss 

– The eXerK blog –

The eXerK blog is more closely aligned to what I am living and breathing at any point in time. 

That started with the monthly updates during the 52 sporting challenges in 52 weeks, blogs on goal setting, failure, the disease of business...all the usual stuff I was learning having committed to taking on something totally new.

– Red Bull –

I freelance for Red Bull's online adventure magazine. 

Previous articles include 

– Huffington Post –

I write random little thoughts and bits and pieces for the Huffington Post too


What do you want to read?

Ideas from anyone are always welcome so if you’ve got an adventure fitness related question (about motivations, top tips, places to go, how to learn, low cost ideas....anything), wing it my way. I will try to answer it, or research and write about it so you have the perfect guide!

If you are a sports or adventure brand, please do get in contact with any exciting press releases, requests for reviews or interesting facts you think might make a good feature for Evening Standard Online, Red Bull or the eXerK blog.