Consulting for adventure companies

I work with established adventure companies to grow their business and reduce their to-do lists by helping select and bitesize the goals that matter to their success.

  • Do you run an adventure/ sports event/ fitness company?
  • Often feel overwhelmed and/or frustrated?
  • Feel like you need to be in three places at once?
  • Spending hours and money on marketing but not seeing the sales you hoped for?
  • Want to turn a profit and enjoy running the business?
  • Want to be more efficient with your time and get the important actions done quicker?
  • Do you want to be out doing your sport, not stuck doing admin?
  • Are you looking for advice to streamline the management of your adventure business?
  • Are you looking to grow your company and want help with your business strategy?
  • Do you want help selecting goals and simplifying the steps to success?


I would love to work with you!!

You’re my kind of person – thank you for setting up a company to help us get out into the fresh air, exploring new sports and landscapes. I don’t know what us mortals would do without you.

I want to make sure the best adventure companies are successful and keep helping people spend more time outdoors and active. Running a business can be tough, a lot harder than the dream promised to be.


Well everything related to running a company that encourages people to get outdoors and active really. I’m here to help you optimise your = business set up to create a sustainable and profitable company by making sure:

  • you and your team need are happy, empowered and energised
  • you have access to your target market
  • you distinguish yourself from other operators, and communicate your expertise
  • the sales journey is in place to convert enquiries into valuable sales
  • you have a high quality offering so your customers have fun and feel safe
  • you streamline the management of all of this

Email me to hear more, share your concerns for your business and let’s start working out a way to fix them. Send a quick message to me ( and we can start straight away.


I am a doer – a curious, analytical and positive person who enjoys rolling up her sleeves and working hard to find solutions.

I have been an adventure sport journalist, writing for the Evening Standard Online and Red Bull for the last two years. During that time, I managed the operations for a social impact marathon company in Colombia and Nepal, and prior to that, spent five years in corporate banking, managing treasury relationships with the UK’s largest companies as we put solutions that optimised their working capital (cash basically) in place.

During my last couple of years at Deutsche Bank, I launched eXerK with a super fun project that involved doing 52 sporting challenges in 52 weeks. With the aim of getting busy people active, I organised and marketed these challenges, removing as many barriers as possible for people to join me on them.


As a keen (very much improving) cyclist, kiteboarder, scubadiver, freediver, runner, swimmer, hiker, kayaker and boulderer…really anything that involves movement and the outdoors….I need you  – to guide, teach, help with equipment and suggest locations!

Let’s make sure we fix problems, get you fired up about the opportunities for your company, and convert those into actions leading to profit for you and your team.

Wing me an e-mail and let’s get chatting !