The outdoor health & fitness market

What is the outdoor health & fitness market?

Beyond gyms, diets and guilt tripping, there's an active way of life that the outdoor health & fitness market engenders. It's fun, full of fresh air and involves exploring in the everyday sense. 

The market is fragmented, exciting, pioneering and fast growing and we're here to help you understand it, optimise your positioning within it and connect you with the people you need to know.

Who does eXerK work with?

eXerK's clients are companies, investors and charities who care how people engage with their health in the outdoors:

  • Race event companies
  • Employers looking to mobilise their workforce's wellbeing
  • PR agencies looking to develop their adventure industry presence
  • Investors in the health & fitness space
  • Charities looking to increase their visibility and fundraising through sporting challenges

How can we add value to your business?

eXerK has built up an extensive network and knowledge base in the UK's outdoor health & fitness market.

We provide industry insights, customer profiling and business and marketing strategy development.

We define the idiosyncrasies of the market, structuring them to help each industry player understand where they sit, who they sit with and where they can head in this dynamic space.

We are flexible to your organisation's needs. Whether it's a day's industry deep dive, or a 6-month contract to develop a campaign, try us! 

What makes us able to make a difference to your business?

eXerK is headed up by me, Annie Ross. My big thing is getting people excited about getting outdoors and active and through consulting and writing, that's what I'm dedicating my powerful blend of experience and energy to:

  • 2 years and counting as an adventure sport journalist, a weekly fitness column at the Evening Standard Online, and a regular contributor at Huffington Post and Red Bull
  • 3 years and counting in blogging and content creation for outdoor companies
  • 5 years in corporate banking at Deutsche Bank, managing treasury relationships with the UK’s largest companies. Working capital and risk management were my bread and butter
  • 12 months organising and marketing sporting challenges. While working my full time job at Deutsche Bank, I committed to completing 52 sporting challenges in 52 weeks, inviting people to join me. It was a mission to get busy people active, where I worked to remove barriers for over 450 people to explore active health
  • 7 months in operations for a social impact marathon company in Colombia (I'm fluent in Spanish) and Nepal
  • A lifelong customer to adventure travel, races and the lifestyle that comes with that. A keen cyclist, kiteboarder, freediver, scubadiver, runner, swimmer, hiker, kayaker and boulderer...really anything that involves movement and the outdoors. I live and breath what I consult and write about

I collaborate with freelance specialists, bringing together the best team for you depending on the ask and the requirements. 

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