The challenges are complete and the eXerK NYE dance mashup is up and ready!

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A couple of weeks late in getting this out to you but, with the 52nd on New Year’s Eve, 52 weeks after the start date, I completed my 52 sporting challenges. What a year! The final dance challenge mash up is down below at the end of the email. Imagine if I hadn’t trapped that fleeting (somewhat crazy) idea as it whizzed through my mind one sleepless night. Just imagine! The diversity of sports, the breadth of experience and the variety of people I got to spend time with were all incredible and beyond my wildest imagination. Though I teetered…read more

48 down, 4 to go

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It hasn’t been that long since I wrote a post titled “4 down, 48 to go”. Flash forward 11 months and with 12 days and 4 challenges to go, things are looking good for finishing the goal I set myself. 52 sporting challenges in 52 weeks. This afternoon I’m playing my first (and let’s not say last yet) ever 9 holes of golf. On Monday, the challenge is to swim as far as we can in 52 minutes. This is the last one that we can all do together so…read more

Mid-week call to action

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Hello hello, Hope you are all well. Below is a quick mid-week rally for eXerKy things happening in the next week. I know it’s a quiet time of year for us all so figured I’d help you fill the gaps…! 1. Challenge no. 47: BMX taster session – Saturday 12th Dec at 12.30pm at Lee Valley Olympic Park – £15 tickets – there are only 5 tickets left – buy them quick 2. Challenge no. 47: Statue Walk – Sunday 13th Dec at 10.30am Liverpool Street / 2pm Hyde Park…read more

October catch up

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Behind schedule at the end of a strategically slower September, I got back on my rocket during October and whizzed through 6 challenges with 63 of you joining me on them. Thank you for making them all such a pleasure to put together and participate in. Loved sharing them with you. The first of the month was one of my urban touring challenges. 45km cycling between all 11 of the Royal Parks, starting in Greenwich Park and ending in Bushey Park was an awesome way to explore London. Boy are we lucky…read more

September summary

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Just in the nick of time, before I owe you October’s challenge updates, here’s the eXerK September run down. It involves links to city friendly fitness, active holidays, mud, diddy kong and a fun video. Here goes…. In non-challenge happenings, I gave my first talk on the 52in52 challenges and started writing a weekly fitness column for Evening Standard Online. Exciting stuff right?!   The first four are up and doing well: 5 innovative London fitness groups that will shake up your exercise routine 4 steps to overcoming your obstacles…read more

Upsetting the balance

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It happened people. Eight months in, my mind and body decided enough was enough last week. Fast forward through a few days of sleep, reading, painting, baking, catching up with friends and going home to my parents’ house and I’ve had a bit of a revelation. It transpires that, though my fitness is better than it has ever been, my overall health is pretty poor. Rush rush rush Rushing around trying to cram everything in, not sleeping enough, eating whatever is most convenient is a quick way to a pretty…read more

Not because it’s easy but because it’s hard

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We all have goals, dreams, ambitions which we hang onto but don’t believe we’ll ever get around to achieving. Why do we do that to ourselves? In my mind, either we’re not setting ourselves the right challenges (to be explored in a talk I’m giving next month), or we’re holding back on our true potential and propping ourselves up with excuses (to be explored right now). Our dreams to live in the mountains, move to Cape Town, own a café, learn to samba. They are all achievable, but bizarrely we’re not doing anything…read more

Fly by July – the monthly 52in52 recap

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Contrary to what I would have thought, I’m finding that cramming your life full to the brim doesn’t mean time flies by too quickly. The last seven months have felt exactly as seven months should; lots of happy memories, achievements and learning (not always the easy way). Having said that, standalone, I don’t know where July has gone. It’s certainly been a memorable month, mostly thanks to completing my first ever triathlons. A heady mix of splashing, spinning and slogging your way over a finish line marked by a blow-up arch, triathlons are not glamourous. But they are gratifying….read more

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