And boy did we reggae

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Getting into the swing of Colombian life, my third month was dedicated to the arduous task of exploring the beach scene. You can’t spend 3 months in Colombia, most of which living 300m from the coast, yet only spend 1 afternoon on the beach. It was an imbalance I had to right: 16 days is more like it, right? Right. Lucky for me, remote working life was helped considerably by whatsapp being omnipresent in Colombian society – work or play. In fact, if you were to ask me to draw a…read more

Colombia: 10 adventure activities you can do in the South American country

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The allure of Colombia is increasing by the day and with the developing peace negotiations, there is no time like the present to visit the country. While any travel to Colombia will be exciting, you can add to the thrill with these top adventure activities. Direct flights from London to Bogotá with Avianca and a good network of national flights and buses mean that can see a remarkable amount of Colombia’s biodiversity and culture even in just a 2 week break from work – you’ll want to stay for longer…read more

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