If I start a band it will be called: Annie + The Dolomites

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Hola! Before I get too swept up in Colombia life (more on that in a couple of weeks), the fruits of my week long trip to the Dolomites are ready. My memories have been converted into tangible, viewable, readable matter: Fun little video of the sights I saw doing the things I do Travel review with the finer details for Evening Standard Online Photo updates on social media Click on the pictures to see the memories with your own eyes. Watch the video   Read the article Last but not least,…read more

Sa Calobra cycle in Mallorca

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Challenge: 75km cycle, 2 mountains, 2.1km ascent Logistics: Long weekend in Port de Soller, Mallorca. Rented a nice road bike (for €35 per day) from Tramontana Tours and powered up a mountain, and down to the sea at Sa Calobra, before scaling the beautiful shoestring road back up again. Afterthoughts: As it is mid-June temperature gets pretty hot so left Soller at 7am, and was back having had a few photo pauses and snack breaks by 11.45am. Favourite morning in a long time.


Hula hoop challenge

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Challenge: Hula hooping Details: We booked onto a workshop with Marawa and the Majorettes, a touring hula hooping troupe. Their workshops vary depending on the time of year but have a google and see if they are popping up anywhere near you. Wear? Anything – would recommend tighter rather than baggier clothes to smooth the hoops’ journey Cost? £10ish eXerK 52in52 story: A group of us went along to Shoreditch Town Hall for the hour long session. There is skill to hula hooping and not everyone is a natural! We…read more

Coastal run in France

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Challenge: Run 52km over 4 days Details: Taking trainers on holiday is a cheap and fun way to explore the area and get to places, either by walking or running that cars and bikes can’t get to. Coastal paths are a safe bet for amazing scenery and varied terrain, with a bit of added adventure. Where? The Sentier Littoral is the coastal path in the snazzy St Tropez area in the south of France. Coastal paths are everywhere, where there is a coast – the South West Coastal Path in…read more


Sea kayaking in Devon

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Challenge: Sea kayaking in Devon Details: We booked through Sea Kayak Devon. They bring all the kayak gear and also kayak guides. Where? Dartmouth, Devon Transport? We rented an 8 seater car from Spaceships to get down there. When? You meet at 9.30am on Saturday morning in Dartmouth so best to drive down the night before. All ends at 4pm on Sunday afternoon. We were back in Dartmouth harbour for 4pm, fish and chips on the harbour, ice cream to top it off, then an easy 4 hour drive home. Accommodation? We camped in a…read more


Rollerblade relay

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Challenge: Rollerblade relay Details: Where did rollerblading go in our lives? Many of us tried it as kids, but haven’t donned tiny little wheels on our feet since then. To bring in a team element, we made this into a relay, not a race, but a team effort to clock up the most number of 1km loops. The competition element disappeared somewhat as most of us were learning as we went but it was still good fun. Where? Anywhere smooth and flat. Kensington Gardens where there are a mix of…read more

Flying trapeze

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  Challenge: Flying trapeze catch Details: At a one-off session or a course, mere mortals can try their hand at flying trapeze in the centre of London. A team of trapeze artists take you through the safety and the steps to swinging on a trapeze bar. Clipped in via a harness, you’re up the ladder, off the platform and swinging before you know it. While a fear of heights will play a part, you will surprise yourself at how much progress you make in the two-hour session. Where? During the…read more

Ben Lomond munro run

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Challenge: Run to the summit of Ben Lomond Details:  Running/ hiking up Ben Lomond takes you up a 975m (3,200ft) ascent over an 11km (7mi) route. Info on hike. It’s an easy path to follow so not much navigation needed. From the car park, go through the visitor cabin thing (loos there), and up the path to the left (Hill Route I think it was called). Once on the summit, you can either come back down that route, or go over the top and drop down the other side to…read more


7 lidos in 1 day – the pool crawl

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  Challenge: A cycle tour of London’s outdoor swimming pools and bathing ponds. Details: Cycle 40km and paddle your little hearts out swimming in 7 of London’s finest outdoor watering holes. Kind of like 8lidosin8days, but this time 7 lidos in ONE DAY. Boom! Meet at Hampstead Heath mixed pond and work your way down through London. You can swim as little or as much as you like but would aim to spend half an hour at each pool, which includes chaining bikes up, changing and getting back on bikes. So really 20 minutes…read more

Project Awesome double triple

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Challenge: The Project Awesome double triple Details: Attending all three sessions for two weeks in a row Where? London. Mondays are flash fitness style, with a roaming location (posted on their Facebook group a few days before). Normally circuits Wednesdays are at the Scoop next to City Hall (SE1 2DB). Running and step training Fridays are on top of Primrose Hill (NW1). Hill intervals When? 6.30am Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays Bring? Running gear. There is a bag drop but no shower facilities. Bikes can be left safely as well Food & drink?…read more


Thames standup paddleboard weekend

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  Challenge: Two days stand-up paddling down the Thames Details: A 26-mile journey two-day trip on stand-up paddleboards down the River Thames from Oxford to Streatley is a wonderful way to spend the weekend. Boards can be hired for the weekend and while there are a few other things to think about, without too much hassle, you can be on the Thames, gliding down the river meandering through the countryside. If you’d rather just try a few hours out, you can try stand-up paddleboarding on London’s canals or in the…read more

Reverse sprint triathlon

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Challenge: Homemade reverse sprint tri Details: Not only doing the legs in reverse order but also running and swimming backwards…novel idea- thanks to the guy I met in the pub last night! Run: 5k Parkrun at Hackney Marshes here’s the route. Make sure you sign up to Park Run before and print off your barcodes – it’s all free and allows you to get an accurate time. Cycle: 20km from Hackney Marshes to Hyde Park Swim: 750m at the Serpentine Afterthoughts: Who’d have thought that being a bit backwards could be so much fun. The run was amazing…read more


London’s top outdoor pools

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Challenge: 8 lidos in 8 days – in May, team eXerK swam a different lido (aka outdoor pools) Go eXerK yourself: Explore London’s amazing outdoor swimming pool/ponds. Some are heated, others not, some are pools, others wild pond. All beat indoor chlorinated pools. Entry fees range between £2.50 – £6.70. Best to check the websites (links below) for opening times and prices as they depend on the season and time of day. Make a splash! 1. Oasis, WC2H 9AG (25m indoor, heated; 27.5m; outdoor, heated) 2. Hampton Pool, TW12 2ST (36m, outdoor, heated)…read more

Bouldering weekend in Fontainebleau

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Challenge: Outdoor bouldering Go eXerK yourself: Head to Fontainebleau, 90km south of Paris (or 45 minute drive from Orly airport). More info on the area can be found on UK Climbing and Climb Europe. The activity: If you’re new to Bouldering, check in at one of London’s climbing centres for an induction. You’ll be amazed at the new muscles you find hurting two days later (in a good way) so worth getting some practice in ahead of what is set to be a great weekend. For more, check out the Basics of Bouldering. Why not peruse…read more


Boulder tunnel

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Challenge: Complete the black tunnel route at The Arch Go eXerK yourself: Choose from the incredible variety of climbing walls around London – pick a route you can’t do and stick with it until you can do it! For what on earth ‘bouldering’ is, check out the Basics of Bouldering. Why not peruse the other climbing related challenges too: Outdoor bouldering  and the Wall Crawl Details: This was a project I worked on for several visits to the centre – building fitness, understanding the route – the first time I fell after the second move, and…read more


Winter surf weekend

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Challenge: Hours of winter waves Event info: Heading down to Newquay in Cornwall. There will be a range of abilities in the group so you’ll be sure to have company no matter where you hang out in the wave hierarchy. I’m still learning so surf lessons are on the agenda. Did a trip down to Croyde, North Devon in November 2014 with The London Surfers, a great and very active meet up group, who are also coordinating this Newquay weekend. Best thing is the organisation. They are great at it. Logistics: Leaving Friday…read more


Circle Line Relay

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  Challenge: Run the Circle Line Details: Trace the Circle Line on foot, running either as a team relay style or solo. You can start wherever you like, and the aim is to run back around to where you began. The total loop around the 27 stops of the Circle Line (excluding the Hammersmith arm) is 25km (see breakdown table below). Paddington to Paddington clock-wise was the chosen route for us. The stations are relatively close together so don’t use your phones to navigate. Instead, go exploring, keep your eyes…read more

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